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Boho Hand painted Terracotta Clay Plant Pot Cactus Plant Planter - 11cm / 13cm/ 15cm Neutrals Black Camel & White Stroke Pattern

London, GB
This listing is for a hand painted terracotta clay plant pot. As it is handmade, the patterns are asymmetrical and imperfect - such as represented in the photos. The patterns may also slightly defer because they’re handmade but they will look identical. I do not manufacture the pots, I just paint them. The pot dimensions are: SIZE S Inner diameter: 10 cm Outer diameter: 11 cm Height: 10 cm SIZE M Inner diameter: 11.5 cm Outer diameter: 12.5 cm Height: 11.5 cm SIZE L Inner diameter: 13.5 cm Outer diameter: 15 cm Height: 13.5 cm Each pot has a drainage hole at the bottom. The paint used is a chalky matte paint. I am open to custom designs and requests, please reach out if you have any questions or proposals :)