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Suttons Rudbeckia Seeds Chim Chiminee

Approved Suttons seeds retailer. Packet Content 20 seeds Enjoy the world’s first 'quilled' petalled rudbeckia in your flower beds & flower borders. The perfect display of flowers to add to your flower container displays & patio pots. Fill your garden with an array of autumnal colour from spring to autumn. Rudbeckia Seeds - Chim Chiminee The world's first 'quilled' petalled rudbeckia! The Rudbeckia Seeds - Chim Chiminee is a fantastic variety with the most amazing, uniquely 'bristled' petals give these stunning flowers a chimney brush resemblance. As Mary Poppins would say, these flowers are truly "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!". Plant them in your container flower displays to add a real splash of colour to your patio pots. Producing blooms in an array of autumnal orange, yellow, mocha and chocolate, perfect for decorating your flower beds and flower borders this season. These plants have a real flower power and continue to bloom right through to late autumn. Growing to a stunning 60cm tall, the Rudbeckia Seeds - Chim Chiminee look amazing in container flower displays and patio pots dotted around your garden. Looking after your Rudbeckia Seeds - Chim Chiminee Rudbeckia Seeds - Chim Chiminee flowers prefer a sunny spot with rich, well-drained soil. Plant perennials in spring. Deadhead to avoid self-seeding. Mildew can be an issue on the foliage, so avoid over watering. Growing Information: Sow in a propagator on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at approximately 15–20°C (60–68°F) using a good quality compost. Cover the seeds lightly with 3mm (1⁄8") sieved compost as light assists germination. Germination 7–21 days. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle, spacing them 5cm (2") apart in trays and grow on. Gradually acclimatise before planting out after the danger of frost has passed 38 x 38cm (15 x 15") apart.
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Rudbeckia spp.


Black-Eyed Susan

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