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Cryptanthus 'Earth Stars' Light Pink - FREE DELIVERY

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Royal Mail 1st Class postage included - this is a flat rate for any order, multiple postage payments will be refunded. Pot size (diameter): 5.5 cm, Approx Height: 8 cm. Please note: The colours of your Earth Star will become move vibrant when kept in direct sunlight. As we keep ours in natural light conditions, during the winter months they have more green on their leaves - the bold pink will return in Spring with the longer, sunnier days. A member of the Bromeliad family, Cryptanthus have the nickname ‘Earth Stars’ because of their appearance as they grow on the forest floor in their native home of Brazil. Cryptanthis itself comes from the Greed words ‘Cryptos’ and ‘Anthos’ which mean Hidden Flower. This small plant will only grow to a maximum size of approximately 15cm tall and 20cm wide, which is great to keep as a potted plant in an area where you don’t have much space but still want a pop of colour. Cryptanthus will produce ‘pups’ or smaller baby plants around the parent plant, which look lovely kept together as a group or can be separated and grown individually. This easy-care houseplant is happy in low light conditions and will bring attention to any dull corner of a room. Care: Light: These plants are happy to be in a low light situation but can tolerate filtered light. Water: Keep soil slightly damp but is forgiven if forgotten about every now and then. Do not be tempted to water into the centre rosette as this may cause fungal infections. Feed: Use a diluted feed once a month. Humidity: Cryptanthus prefer to be kept in a humid environment, making kitchens and bathrooms ideal. They require regular misting with water and a periodic mist feeding.
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Earth Star

Cryptanthus bivittatus

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