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Kids Scorpiurus muricatus Seeds - Caterpillar Plant (Mix)

25 Seeds Grow your own hairy caterpillars! These low growing, spreading plants are ideal for a sunny patch in the garden. As they become mature, the plants produce, from July to September, masses of tiny, yellow flowers which are followed by tightly curled, hairy ‘caterpillars’ which are actually the seed capsules. Kids love them! Height 5cm (2"). FUN TO GROW - A fun, educational way to get children growing flowers and veg Great for party bags or christmas stockings! Fun growing indoor and outdoors! FREE stickers, magnifying glass and measuring tape inside certain packets of seeds - contents may vary. Growing Information Sow your seeds from April to May. Sow your seeds by scattering them into weed-free soil. Then rub your hand over the area to bury your seeds. Your seedlings should appear in 10-14 days. You can also sow a few seeds into a small pot and grow on a windowsill. Keep the soil moist and watch your plants flower, these then turn into your hairy little ‘Caterpillars’.
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