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Euphorbia Ingens Variegata 'Ghost Euphorbia' - FREE DELIVERY

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Pot size (diameter): 17 cm, Approx Height: 50 cm. Price includes First Class Royal Mail postage. Any extra postage from multiple plant orders will be refunded. With gorgeous white variegation covering most of this plant, you can see how it earned the nicknames 'Ghost Euphorbia' and 'White Ghost'. Its straight form makes it especially suitable for narrow windowsills or shelving. This Euphorbia wants lots of sunlight, so a bright windowsill or sunny room would be the ideal location for it. You are most at risk of damaging this plant by overwatering it. Resist the urge to over-care for your Euphorbia, allow them to dry out completely between waterings. A low maintenance plant with high impact, perfect for beginners. Care: Light: Bright or direct sunlight will promote even growth. Water: Only water once the soil is completely dry then give a heavy water. Food: Use a light cacti fertiliser during growing season. Humidity: Will thrive in a normal home humidity and also tolerate dry air.
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Ghost Euphorbia

Euphorbia ingens 'Variegata'


Variegated Candelabra Tree

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