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Mega Bee bundle 5+ months of flowers, 177 bulbs, FREE UK delivery

Keep your garden in bloom for longer, with this Mega Bee bulb bundle! Buy now with FREE UK delivery and look forward to seeing these flower from February, through spring and summer. This bundle contains: CROCUS, flower February, HT 10cm, 5 or 10 bulbs of each: ''Korolkowii'', yellow flowers, scented, 10 bulbs. ''Yalta'', silvery blue flowers, 10 bulbs. IPHEION, 10 blue and 10 white. NARCISSUS, flower from February onwards. ''Casual Elegance'', small petticoat flowers, February, HT 10cm, 10 bulbs. ''Snow Baby'', small white flowers, HT 15cm march, 10 bulbs ''Tiny Bubbles'', clusters of scented yellow flowers from early march, HT 20cm, 5 bulbs. ''Eaton Song'', up to 5 highly scented flowers per stem, flowers late march, HT 30cm, 5 bulbs. ''Obvallaris'', Tenby daffodil, march, 5 bulbs. ''Baby boomer'', mid April, HT 25 cm. 5 bulbs. ''More and More'', end April, tiny scented flowers, HT 25cm, 10 bulbs. TULIPS, 5 bulbs of each: ''Apricona'', peach, early April, HT 35cm ''Spryng Break'', multicoloured flowers, HT 25cm ''lemon Chiffon'', cream flamed lemon. HT 40cm ''Orange Marmalade'', orange/green, may, HT 35cm. ''Cafe Noir'', black, late April, HT 40cm. MUSCARI, HT 10cm, April, 10 bulbs of each: ''Siberian Tiger'', pure white, scented. ''Babies Breath'', pale blue, scented. CAMASSIA, 7 mixed blue and white, flower May. ALLIUM, 5 or 10 bulbs of each: 'Atroepurperuem'', darkest purple, flowers mid June, 5 bulbs. ''Purple sensation'', purple, May, 5 bulbs. ''Purple Rain'', purple, June, 5 bulbs. ''Christophii'', silvery-blue, June, 5 bulbs. ''Sphaeracephalon'', rosy pink, July, 10 bulbs. ''Nectaroscordum'', bees favourite, June, 10 bulbs. Please see our other listing for more bulb bundles to choose from.