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Meerkat/Air Plant Terrarium Kit DIY

United Kingdom
This meerkat air plant terrarium kit includes all you need to build and care for your own little Kalahari desert. Your kit will include: 1 x 10cm x 10cm Glass globe terrarium, flat bottom base. 1 x Bag sand 1 x Bag small stones 2 x Reindeer moss, light and dark green 1 x Air Plant 2 x Meerkats 1 x DIY instructions There is an option to add on small 10ml spray bottle to mist your air plant, the 10ml spray bottle holds about 80 sprays. Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm, approx 250g * Air plants don't require soil to grow, they absorb food and nutrients through the air. * Terrariums are hardy little habitats and will only need a little tending to.
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