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Euphorbia Trigona | African Milk Tree | Succulent

Thornton Heath, GB
Material: Plant matter Red Euphorbia Trigona (African milk tree) | A lovely 30cm succulent with a beautiful intense red colour. This succulent has been propagated from a bigger mama of about 5 years old. Therefore it is proper rooted, stablished and has a lot of little babies already coming out! =) In good conditions it grows very fast and can reach up to 4 meters, forming large upright columns. They are easy to look after and to propagate, taking columnar cuttings from the base. DIMENSIONS: 30 CM (from plant base to top) with a total of 8 Stems | (No pot - Bare Root - to reduce shipping costs) ** You will get exactly what you see in the picture ** ________________________________________________ - ORIGIN: The Euphorbia Trigona, is also known by the common name of African milk tree or cathedral cactus. A species of the genus Euphorbia native to southeastern Africa (Rio Graboon). It is a shrub with succulent stems in the shape of a candelabrum. The stems of this species are triangular in shape, although in some cases they can appear with up to 4 edges in whose corners, longitudinally elongated leaves accompanied by thorns continuously grow along, usually staying in the plant for a long time, if the temperature and watering are adequate. - HOW TO CARE: It needs warm and constant temperatures for its optimal development. In winter you can place indoor for warmer temperatures and can be placed in an outdoor area where the temperature is around 10-15 ºC. The ideal location for this plant is in a semi-shaded position, it tolerates full sun, if it is not too intense. Indoors, it needs very bright and airy places. - SUBSTRATE: It does not require very specific substrates, but Cactus Soil preferably or Soil with a sandy base to facilitate good drainage. - WATERING: An excess of irrigation will cause damage to the foot of the stem and the plant will die. Irrigations should be patchy, but regular and always when the substrate is dry. In summer, it is necessary to water it so that the substrate never gets fully dry, but avoiding puddles. ________________________________________________ DELIVERY: - UK Deliveries: 1st Class Signed For (1-2 working days) to avoid plants being inside packaging for too long. - EU Deliveries: International Tracked & Signed (2-4 working days) - Overseas Deliveries are at your own risk: International Tracked & Signed (2-4 working days) - (I'll do everything I can to pack them to make sure they arrive in safe conditions) ** I use any type of recycled cardboard or materials that I find to wrap it safely, so please don't expect anything labelled. Unless it is necessary, I won't use any type of plastic packaging. And if I do, it will always be recycled too. My main objective is to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle as much as I can! Hope you do understand. ** ________________________________________________ P.S: I am just opening my shop, so feel free to contact me if you would like to see more pictures or know any more details.
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