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Succulent and Cactus Soil mix by plantsbeau

This succulent soil mix will keep your succulent and cacti happy for months to come. It is also suitable for a few varieties of houseplants. 150g half bag: £3.50 300g full bag: £5.00 2x 300g: £8.50 Free UK delivery Mixed with perlite and grit for improved drainage, also contains minerals that succulents require. A pack of 300g fills 10x 5cm pots, total volume approximately 0,3L You should always repot your newly bought succulent from the shop with well draining succulent soil, as they are usually compacted and dry for easy transporting, but not always the best for your succulent's growth. ****The no.1 cause of succulent death is 'OVERWATERING' **** Using @plantsbeau 's specially formulated soil, you reduce risk of root rot from overwatering as the well draining soil will dries quickly. Always allow soil to dry out before watering again. ********************************************************************************************************* Please visit our Instagram @plantsbeau, follow us and message us for tips and guides on succulent care. Postage will be via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery. No return accepted and any exceptions only by the discretion of our shop.

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