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Scented bundle, 70 bulbs of scented flowering bulbs, FREE UK delivery

Many spring bulbs are scented, here's a selection of some of the best! This bulb bundle includes: 10 Crocus ''Korolkowii'', flowers February, HT 10 cm. 5 Narcissus ''Twinkling Yellow'' clusters of bright yellow flowers, flowers March, HT 25cm. 5 Narcissus ''Tiny Bubbles, pale yellow flowers with swept back petals, flowers mid March, HT 15cm. 5 Narcissus ''Martinette'' golden petals with an orange cup, incredible scent, flowers late March, HT 30cm. 5 Narcissus ''Eaton Song's multiheaded, bred in the UK, flowers April, HT 30cm. 5 Muscari ''Siberian Tiger'' pure white, flowers April, HT 10cm. 5 Muscari ''Babies Breath steel blue, flowers April, HT 10cm. 5 Muscari ''Blue Moon'' flowers April, HT 10cm. 5 Narcissus ''More and More's tiny flowers that pack a punch, flowers late April, HT 15cm. 5 Tulip ''Ballerina'' golden orange Lily flowered, HT 35cm. 5 Tulip ''Spryng Break'', flamed red and cream, HT 30cm 5 Tulip ''Secret Perfume'' greenish yellow fully double, HT 30cm 5 Allium ''Atropurpureum'' blackberry coloured flowers, one of the few alliums that smell nice, HT 70cm, flowers June. Buy now for a beautifully scented garden next year. Free delivery on all our bulb bundles, please see our other listings for more.