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Crassula muscosa 'watch chain' 3x succulent cuttings unrooted

3 x cuttings of Crassula Muscosa, also know as 'watch chain' succulent. It has a very interesting foliage, the leaves are small and packed tightly around the stem creating a watch chain effect. You will receive 3 cuttings in each pack, with each cutting at least approximately 7cm long with a few branching stems. Rooted cuttings will be shipped in a square plug with some soil in order to help preserve the establish roots Unrooted cuttings are 'cut to order' and I usually take the cuttings after watering so that they are plump and healthy to survive shipping. When you receive the cuttings, all you need to do is put the cuttings in good draining soil in a small pot and wait for roots to grow. It is one of the easiest succulent to root. This succulent is easy to care for, thrives in bright light, near a windowsill or in shade. Usual watering requirements for succulents, for the best results, water when soil is completely dry, use the soak and dry method. It is not suitable for growing outdoors during the cold winter season. **Pictures 2 & 3 show a fully grown plant which your cutting, with propagation can take about a year to reach that size. ******************************************************************************************************** Please visit our Instagram @plantsbeau, follow us and message us for tips and guides on succulent care. Postage will be via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery No return accepted and any exceptions only by the discretion of our shop

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Crassula muscosa


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