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DIY Demijohn XL Closed Terrarium Kit • Mossarium • DIY Fairy Garden • Glass and Plants Included

Kingston upon Hull, GB
This is a large build your own closed demijohn terrarium kit! Each item is handpicked by myself and packaged with care. Great as a gift, for the office or for the home. This is quite a difficult vessel to be planted - it requires a lot of patience and may not be best suited for a complete beginner! Everything pictured is included in this kit. This kit includes: • One 5L Demijohn & cork (30x16x16 cm) •2kg pebbles (colour may vary depending on stock) • 1kg Specilised well draining soil • 100g Activated carbon • 100g Sphagnum moss • 100g Orchid Bark • 2 Random Terrarium plants (5cm pot) • Some small clumps of living moss • A cardboard funnel to help with planting • A pair of 10.5 inch metal tweezers • A small mister bottle to keep the terrarium damp • A bamboo stick to help with planting • A PDF How-to Guide for closed terrariums If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to send a message. YOU MAY NOT GET THE EXACT PLANTS PICTURED, BUT THEY WILL BE SUITABLE FOR CLOSED TERRARIUMS ALL ORDERS CONTAINING LIVE PLANTS WILL BE SENT NEXT DAY UPS TRACKED DELIVERY £5 DELIVERY