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Tillandsia Assorted Airplants

Tillandsia are the easiest to care for plants, they are from the bromeliad family. They are called airplants because they live just on air and some water, nothing else! They can be misted a few times a week, water by submerging them in a bowl water and leave for 30 minutes. During shipping, the plant may suffer some damage to leaves, most damage will grow out in a few months time. Airplanes are impossible to kill, it is a good place to start for beginners starting out as plant parents. They also add an aesthetic value to your home and could purify the air. Airplants are a fantastic addition a centrepiece, a terrarium, or a hanging wall piece. ******************************************************************************************************** Please visit our Instagram @plantsbeau, follow us and message us for tips and guides on succulent care. Postage will be via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery. No returns accepted and any exceptions only by the discretion of our shop. ** 15% off orders over £25

Air Plant

Tillandsia spp.


Air plant

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