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Pot size: 7 cm, Approx Height: 5 cm. We currently have 'Purple Passion' 'Zebrina' 'Nanouk' 'Callisia Hybrid' and 'Green'. See my other listings for a 4 for the price of 3 deal. The Tradescantia or 'Silver Inch Plant' is a prolific grower, which makes it an ideal plant for sharing with friends! Simply pull away a few stems and their roots from the edge of the plant, place them in fresh soil and they will double in size in no time. Alternatively, allow your Tradescantia to fill its own pot and overflow the sides with long, hanging tendrils. There are many different varieties of Tradescantia which range from greens to pinks, purples and silvers. Care: Light: Bright, indirect light maintains the most colourful leaves and stops the plant getting spindly. Water: During growing season water regularly, wait until the soil is dry before watering again. For best results water from underneath with the use of a saucer to reduce the chance of root rot. Food: Feed lightly during the growing season but not during the winter. Humidity: Tolerates normal inside humidity but an increased humidity will create a fuller, happier plant. Royal Mail 1st Class postage included - this is a flat rate for any order, multiple postage payments will be refunded.
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Silver Inch Plant

Tradescantia zebrina


Spiderwort, Inchplant, Wandering Dude

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