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7-Spot Ladybird

Coccinella septempunctata

7-Spot Ladybird, Seven-Spotted Ladybird, 7-Spot Ladybug, Seven-Dotted Ladybird, Sevenspotted Lady Beetle

A close up image of a 7 spot lady bird Coccinella septempunctata on a green leaf
by chris_dagorne (All rights reserved)
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The 7-spot Ladybird is a familiar, brightly coloured red-orange beetle, common to Europe. It's medium-sized with seven black spots dotted across the wing cases. These insects are an important garden predator that help control aphid populations. They are also migratory, with large numbers flying southernly each spring. This species of Ladybird is not to be mistaken with the invasive harlequin ladybird, which sometimes preys upon 7-spotted Ladybird.
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A garden mini beast that's great for pest control.


Adults: An adult 7-spot ladybird has a total of 7 spots dotted across its wingcases. More specifically, they have 3 black spots per wing case, with the 7th sitting directly in the middle of the wings and behind the head. Pupae: They are usually the size of the adult ladybird and range from black to grey and red to orange. They're segmented and almost diamond-shaped, covered in small spikes. Larvae: Larval stages can appear variable in colour, however generally speaking are black-grey with orange markings and are highly segmented. The size increase is evident with each moulting. Eggs: Eggs are bright yellow, oblong, and laid in batches of 10 to 50. Each egg is 1mm big.











UK, Europe, Asia; some parts of the USA.

Biological treatment

These insects are a cheap and natural form of biocontrol for aphids, whiteflies, scale insects and more. Provide refuges for mini-beasts by creating shaded covered spots in the garden using branches or native plants. A simple way to do this is by leaving a little wild patch!

Chemical treatment

We do not recommend treating your garden plants for ladybird because they are an effective biocontrol for other insect pests.






A close up of some soft scale insects Coccidae attached to the back of a leaf

Soft Scale



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