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Fuchsia Flea Beetle

Altica lythri

Fuchsia Flea Beetle, Leaf Beetle, Flea Beetle, Seed Beetle

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A Fuschia Flea Beetle is a small, metallic black-blue insect; that can be difficult to tell apart from other metallic blue leaf beetles. An easy trick to identify one would be using the plant it's eating, which would be Fuchsia in this case. Although small, they can cause aesthetic damage to plants. Likewise, they can impact the overall health of younger plants. They tend to aggregate in large numbers, and both the larvae and adult beetles will eat one the same parts of plants. The main symptoms are holes and brown patches on foliage. See them on Fuchsia plants during spring and summer in the UK.
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Adult: The adult beetle is metallic black-blue and is 3mm to 5mm in length. The Fuchsia Flea Beetle overwinters as an adult, emerging in the spring as the weather warms. The adult beetle feeds and lays eggs before dying. Larvae: The larvae resemble small black-brown grubs with black heads and are 3mm to 4mm. Pupae: They pupate in the soil and emerging as adults to feed on the host plant, they'll overwinter in leaf-litter as adult beetles.


They attack areas of new growth like shoot tips. Small holes or papery brown patches on leaves. Black-brown grubs/ larvae under leaves.











Europe and Asia

Biological treatment

Hand removal if a minor infestation. Doing so with care as if you bump the plant they beetle will jump off in the soil. Cultivate the soil around the plant to expose pupa and fallen beetles to wildlife to feed. Keep the growing media damp and mist plants, as the beetle prefers a dry environment. Clear away fallen leaves and cultivate around the plant to remove hibernation opportunities for the beetles. Larger, more established plants will be able to tolerate minor to moderate infestation of beetle.


Fuchsia species.


Fuchsia spp.


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