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Evergreen Trees for a Small Garden

Add some all year cover to your space.

A photo of Camellia 'Mathotiana Alba'

Camellia 'Mathotiana Alba'

Camellia japonica 'Mathotiana Alba'

A photo of Californian Lilac 'Trewithen Blue'

Californian Lilac 'Trewithen Blue'

Ceanothus arboreus 'Trewithen Blue'

A photo of Chinese Privet

Chinese Privet

Ligustrum lucidum

A photo of Cotoneaster 'Cornubia'

Cotoneaster 'Cornubia'

Cotoneaster frigidus 'Cornubia'

Cotoneaster 'Pink Champagne'

Cotoneaster salicifolius 'Pink Champagne'

A photo of Dwarf Leatherwood

Dwarf Leatherwood

Eucryphia milliganii

A photo of Holly 'Golden King'

Holly 'Golden King'

Ilex x altaclerensis 'Golden King'

A photo of Kilarney Strawberry Tree

Kilarney Strawberry Tree

Arbutus unedo

A photo of Photinia 'Red Robin'

Photinia 'Red Robin'

Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin'

Snow Gum

Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. niphophila 'Mt Bogong'