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What to Do in the Garden This Week - July 10th

Published on July 10th 2020
a lady summer pruning an apple tree
This week is the beginning of summer pruning time for fruit growers. I've also got some thoughts on pesky bindweed control, watering while you're away and deadheading rhododendrons and petunias.

Fruit growing

  • Summer pruning of intensively trained fruit trees, like apple and pears trained as cordons or espaliers, should be done in the next few weeks. Shorten main stems and laterals when longer than nine inches back to the third leaf and lateral side shoots pruned to leave the basal cluster.
  • Fan trained plums, damsons, cherries, peach, nectarine and apricots should also be summer pruned by cutting back side shoots to encourage fruit bud production. Tie in good shoots to fill any gaps.
Get more information here:
Ripening apples hanging from a tree

How to Prune Fruit Trees


A fan trained cherry tree in a garden
  • Grapevines need to be regularly pruned to check vigour and to let the sun get at the developing grapes. Prune to leave just two leaves above a fruit bunch and then do the same with subsequent side shoots.
A man summer pruning vines in a garden
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Weeds and other bits and pieces

  • It is worth investing in an automatic watering system if you are going away. Excellent drip systems are now available to regularly water pots, hanging baskets and greenhouses.
Drip irrigation of a flower trough
  • If your plants have a pest or disease that you don’t recognise then post a clear picture under the 'Questions' tab on the top menu. Many experts are waiting to help you out on Candide!
  • It’s time to tackle any bindweed that is strangling your plants. If it is growing up and through plants, pull it aside and treat with Roundup Weedkiller Gel.
Find more information in Jo's article:

The ornamental garden

  • Photinia Red Robin can get very big, and now that the new red shoots have faded to green, now's a good time to cut things back. You will then get a flush of new red shoots in a few weeks.
New growth on Photinia after pruning
  • Late flowering rhododendrons and azaleas can now have the dead blooms snapped off to improve the plant's shape.
a hand snapping off dead rhododendron blooms
  • Remove dead flowers from bedding plants. Some, such as petunias, will stop producing new flowers when they are producing seeds.

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