What to Do In the Garden This Weekend - March 12th

Published on March 12th 2020
a person planting out a plant in a garden with a fork
This week, it's time to focus on soft fruits and tasty asparagus. March is also a great time for early sowing in the veg patch and transplanting evergreens.
Hardy plant season is upon us once again, so let's get planting!


  • Prune blueberry bushes by removing old, weak and dead shoots. Cut out up to a quarter of all wood from established bushes (three years or older).
  • If you missed planting in the autumn, you should plant strawberry runners now. You can plant them in pots, grow bags, or straight in the ground, making sure you plant at the right depth.
An image of blueberries on a bush
  • Cover established strawberry runners with fleece covered tunnels or low polytunnels. Lift the sides slightly on warm days to let the bees in to pollinate the flowers.
A strawberry runner plant
If you plant your strawberries now, you'll get a moderate crop this summer and a good harvest next year.
  • If you have pears previously attacked by pear midge you should spray now. Use Bug Clear but spray before the flowers open!
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Veg patch

  • Earth up your asparagus beds. If you have access to seaweed from a beach - and permission to collect it - asparagus, love this as a mulch.
The first shoots should appear imminently.
  • It's time to sow carrots, early peas, more broad beans, early cabbage, sprouts and cauliflower.
  • Fast maturing radish, lettuce, salad leaves and turnips should be sown now too.
  • Plant out the first early varieties of seed potatoes in sheltered spots. As soon as the shoots emerge, be ready to cover them with fleece to protect them from frost.
Close up of potato plants in a field
Potato shoots might need frost protection

Planting and transplanting

  • There is still time for you to transplant evergreen shrubs. Try not to disturb the roots too much and keep as much soil as possible attached to the roots. Trim the tops back a little to help your evergreens get established.
A person planting an evergreen shrub
Be sure to water evergreen shrubs thoroughly and regularly throughout this year.
  • Divide large clumps of Hosta plants up and replant them in a group to create even more impressive groups.
Hosta leaves
Hosta Fire and Ice
  • Plant out ornamental grasses and hardy ferns. Mix them in with your perennials and shrubs to add variety to the display.
A fern
Dryopteris erythrosora fern
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