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Platform/DevOps Engineer

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About Candide

Candide is a market-network platform helping businesses and the public break new ground in the garden, through the application of technology.
Candide is the gateway to inspiration for garden visitors using exciting immersive technology and enabling quick, contactless ticketing for visitor access. We also motivate the public to connect with nature and enable everyone to grow big and shop small, with curated online catalogues of plants, tools and accessories from exceptional independent businesses.
Based in central Bristol, surrounded by the greenery of Queen Square and the floating harbour, we enable people to progress their passion for plants and nature. We are a team of over 70, openly putting our people first; we're proud to be building a team that genuinely loves working and learning together. We know how important a positive, inclusive culture is, so have a read and see if you think we might be a good fit.
Contract type: Permanent, Full-time
Location: Central Bristol
Salary: £44-75k dependent on experience

The role

Your role at Candide is likely to be varied. We’re still a small company, there’s a lot to do and there’s scope to get involved with all technical aspects of the business. That said, we expect you’ll be focussed on operations, infrastructure, and helping our developers leverage our platform.
You might be making improvements to our monitoring and alerting, upgrading our databases or writing tools to automate manual tasks. For more senior positions, expect to get involved in architecture decisions, guide improvements to efficiency, contribute to prioritisation and help shape our values as an engineering organisation.

Our technology

Our entire stack is written in TypeScript. The front-end apps use React and React Native, backed by a GraphQL API. We have a growing number of microservices written in Node.js communicating through RESTful APIs and Google PubSub, running on Kubernetes in Google Cloud Platform. We use PostgreSQL by default and other databases (e.g. ElasticSearch and Redis) where relevant. As much as possible, our infrastructure is defined using Terraform.
We use CircleCI for continuous integration and deployment, deploying to our development environment on successful push, and to production several times a day using our Slack bot (The Robotanist).
We aim for a functional style of programming with a focus on continuous testing, integration and delivery, while working hard to avoid knowledge silos and reduce dependencies.
We like types and tests to help us produce working and maintainable code, making use of immutability and pure functions where practical. Our focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery allow us to rapidly iterate, deploying new versions of our microservices many times each day.
Our robust testing and monitoring allow for stress-free deployments and to discover, debug and fix problems in production. We use Elasticsearch and Kibana for logs, Prometheus and Grafana for metrics, Jaeger for distributed tracing, and Apollo Engine for our GraphQL API. We have automated smoke tests which run against production in addition to the tests which run in CI.

Our ideal candidate

We’re looking for enthusiasm, a passion for learning and a desire to work in an agile, collaborative environment. We want you to be excited about the technology we use, and shipping a product that delights plant and nature lovers around the world!
We encourage you to apply even if you don’t meet all the below, but are excited to grow into a role with the company.
  • Experience with cloud providers
  • Experience with microservices, Kubernetes and Docker
  • An advocate for a DevOps culture
  • Appreciation of monitoring and observability
  • JavaScript knowledge, especially using TypeScript and Node.js
  • Experience designing, implementing and running large web applications
  • Experience with SQL databases
  • Appreciation for automated testing, CI and CD
  • Experience with infrastructure as code
  • Experience with Linux and networking
  • Experience upgrading and maintaining infrastructure
  • A Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field
Any experience with the other technologies we use is also valuable, not again, not required.

Team culture

We’re a full-stack, agile dev team producing several user-facing products – including the mobile app, our website, a bespoke CMS web app, plus a few more. Every team member enjoys autonomy and is exposed to working on the full stack, but specialises where they have a particular area of interest.
We mostly work in multi-disciplinary teams to turn business goals into product features. We highly value our collaborative no-blame culture and encourage everyone to share ideas on how we can improve our processes, technology and product.
You’ll be joining the Platform team. As well as running and maintaining our infrastructure, our job is to enable developers to develop and deliver robust software with short feedback cycles. We work together closely to share our domain knowledge, and to make sure we’re providing the most appropriate platform to deliver the experience we want to customers.
You’ll find us attending local meetups, including CodeHub hack nights, SW Mobile, Bristech, Bristol JS, Bristol SRE, Bristol Cloud Native & DevOps, Cloud Native Wales, Bristol Machine Learning, and ProductTank Bristol. Come and say hello!

Working at Candide

We offer an amazing work environment - both in the office and outside of it, and a fast-paced development cycle that moves the product forward quickly and is very responsive to opportunity. We have a solid strategic plan, long-range funding and a very experienced and capable team making it happen.
Candide has a friendly, plant-filled Bristol office, which the team is looking forward to returning to when it is safe to do so. We are happy to accept candidates who are living elsewhere, provided that they are able to move to the Bristol area when the office reopens.
Our collaborative and inclusive structure encourages everyone to share ideas on how we can improve our processes, growth and product. Our teams have a short daily stand-up, ensuring we remain aligned, and those who build products have a deep understanding of our customers. Every Monday we run a company-wide show and tell meetings and hold retrospectives every fortnight within core-teams. To encourage innovation, we hold monthly hack days where everyone can build something new that falls outside our current roadmap - an idea, a campaign or even a small product - with whomever they like.

What you’ll get from us

  • 25 days holiday (plus bank holidays), because the rest of your life is important too
  • An extra paid day off to spend among plants
  • Regular team socials
  • An amazing plant-filled office in Queen Square
  • Free fruit in the office (when safe)
  • Your choice of equipment
  • Pre-paid training budget for whatever you need to do your job more effectively
  • Grant of SARs (Stock Appreciation Rights) after two years of employment
  • Enhanced shared parental leave
  • Flexible working hours (core hours 10am - 4pm)

Everyone is welcome

Get in touch if you have any questions – we’re a friendly bunch :)

Application process

Please send a 1 or 2 page CV (preferably in PDF format) explaining your employment history, relevant experience and education, and a covering letter explaining why you have applied for this role to
A successful application typically involves:
  • A short initial video interview
  • A small take-home assignment
  • A longer video interview with a few members of the team, and some from other teams
The assignment is likely to be preparing something to discuss with us. It might be explaining something you've worked on, teaching us a technology we've not used, or leading us through a system design.
Our interviews are informal, we like to have a chat about what excites you, interesting projects you’ve worked on, and what you can bring to the team. We won’t test you on arcane JavaScript features or make you code on a whiteboard (but we do like diagrams and scribbles!).
Please do not hesitate in contacting if you want to find more before you apply.
To find out more about Candide, visit our homepage and download the app