10 Essentials That Every Gardener Must Own

Published on July 6th 2021
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We all know that maintaining a garden can sometimes be a lot of work, and although the hard work always pays off, jobs can seem more difficult when our tools and materials are not up to scratch.
Having reliable garden equipment is a must when you want to complete jobs in the garden with ease. This way, there’s more time to enjoy sowing seeds for seasons to come, not to mention sitting back in a lounger and putting our feet up!
In this article, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite must-haves for garden maintenance that we think no garden shed should be without. Keep reading our top 10 shed essentials, or browse the full collection to fulfil all of your garden maintenance needs!

1. Garden hand tools

Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with silty, well-draining soil! As well, sometimes, unfortunate weather conditions and seasonal changes can make soil tiresome to work.
It’s these times where a decent set of hand tools make all the difference. A garden task requiring some elbow grease can be made much easier with a reliable set of hand tools!
The tools from Little Garden Shop are rust-resistant and sturdy. Each item is hand-welded and treated to give the traditional look of old steel, making them the perfect rustic addition for every gardener.

2. Weeding Equipment

Pulling up the occasional weed might seem like a doddle, but in the height of a warm and wet summer, weeds can quickly take over. Weeding can sometimes be a task that we try to put off, but staying on top of them when they spring up is always the best way to keep garden borders tidy.
With the help of some brilliant tools, pulling weeds up does not only feel like much less work. It can be fun and more effective at pulling weeds up by the base of their roots, meaning they’re less likely to grow back.
Keep your tools coordinated by shopping with Little Garden Shop.

3. Garden gloves for every occasion

Every gardener deserves a decent pair of gardening gloves! When finding the right pair of gloves for you, it’s important to know what kind of garden jobs you’ll be doing most.
We’ve hand-picked the best gloves for every kind of garden job.
For weeding:
Ideal for dexterous work such as weeding and sowing.
For heavy-duty garden tasks:
Ideal for digging, mowing or heavy pruning
For gardening for long periods of time:

4. Heavy-Duty wheelbarrow

When gardening, detritus can pile up quickly! When pruning or trimming, you can easily accumulate a small mountain of leaves and branches without wondering how on earth you will get it from A to B. In these cases, a good wheelbarrow can be a massive time (and back!) saver.
If you’re planning a few days of chopping, trimming and pruning, it’s well worth investing in a durable wheelbarrow to move your garden greenery.
Check out this heavy-duty wheelbarrow, ideal for moving heavy garden detritus, materials or equipment. A gardener’s essential; it makes those long-winded garden jobs quick and easy. Made from heavy-duty plastic, the wheelbarrow is durable, easy to clean and has a convenient tipping mechanism, making it easy to unload heavier garden items.

5. Cutting and pruning tools

Every gardener needs dependable tools for pruning and trimming. Not only will pruning help keep plants at manageable sizes, but it can also encourage healthy, fuller plant growth and discourage the spread of disease. When it comes to pruning, there are several tools that you should have, depending on what plant or shrub you are cutting back. So which ones should you invest in?
  • ARS VS-8XZ Heavy Duty Secateurs 8, also known as pruning shears or hand shears, are a handy piece of garden equipment ideal for taming vines, shrubs and tree branches around 2cm thick.
  • These ARS LPB-30L Lopping Shears have fully forged blades, making them perfect for heavy-duty, precision cutting. Being one of the largest pruning tools, loppers cut through hefty branches with ease.
  • ARS KR-1000 Ultra Light Professional Multi-Purpose Shears Are a great choice if your garden contains many shrubs and hedges. Light in weight, these shears remove the burden of trimming and cutting shrubbery to the perfect shape and size.

6. Potting shed brush and pan set

Not just good for your garden shed, this handcrafted, traditional brush and pan set would look beautiful hung up on any wall. Made from sustainable coppiced wood, a good pan and brush are handy for quickly tidying a soil-covered floor after an afternoon of sowing seeds and repotting plants.

7. Pots and containers

Some gardeners will have pots to spare, but if this article has made you realise you’re all out, take this as a sign to stock up! There is nothing worse than coming home with a beautiful new plant, wanting to make it at home in your garden straight away, until you realise - you’re out of pots! Similarly, when you notice a houseplant in need of repotting, it’s always a good idea to have some spare pots knocking about so you can repot as you please.

8. Plant feed

Healthy plants are essential to growing a lush garden, so this is a true can’t-be-without item for your shed. Feeding plants is vital during the spring and summer when growing plants require that extra bit of care.
Containing measures of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, this tomato feed will help your plants produce award-winning tomatoes, deliciously juicy and sweet. This feed was developed by the RHS Gold winning garden designer and plantsman Paul Hervey-Brookes- the perfect tonic for a healthy tomato plant.
Or, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose feed, why not try the natural plant food liquid fertiliser by Urban Farm-It. Sourced from Atlantic grown Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, this fertiliser will have your garden and houseplants looking their best. Urban Farm prioritises the environment and avoids the use of artificial chemicals in their fertiliser.

9. Lighting

Great for summer garden parties or using them to light up in or outside the shed, lighting can be extremely useful to have in your garden storage.
Why not spruce up your garden and make the shed space a little bit more of a cosy outside space with some fairy lights?
Here are our favourites:
Find garden lighting and more in the garden ambience collection:

10. Garden scissors

Last but not least is garden scissors. Although they might not seem as essential as the other items listed, garden scissors are the unsung hero of garden equipment! Out of all the objects mentioned in this article, scissors are probably one of the most useful things you can have in the shed. Not only are they handy in the household for cutting bits of string and other materials, but scissors can also be used to deadhead flowering plants, harvest veggies and snip herbs, not to mention prizing open those pesky seed packets and annoying bits of packaging.
Now all that’s left is to get stocking up! With everything in this list at your fingertips, you are sure to be on top of garden maintenance for the rest of the growing season.
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Looking for more maintenance must-haves? Browse the full collection below:
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