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Meet the Seller: How a Love for Houseplants Grew into a Business

Published on November 25th 2020
A woman standing in front of a flower
We love a good houseplant addict here at Candide, and it’s even better when they’ve decided to take their passion for plants and turn it into a business! Marketplace seller Green’s Plants and Prints has done just that, and is on a mission to help grow your urban jungle at an affordable price!
We spoke to Meg from Green’s Plants and Prints (@greensplantsandprints) as part of our ‘Meet the Seller’ series, to find out more about how she became a plant-repeneur and how her business has grown with Candide Marketplace.


Bristol, GB

Meet Green’s Plants and Prints

A person holding a flower
Meg from Green’s Plants and Prints has been selling houseplants online and at local markets in Bristol for nearly two years. She runs the business herself alongside being self-employed and working in a garden centre. After finishing her degree in Illustration, Meg started creating small botanical prints to sell. She thought it would be a nice touch if she sold plants to go alongside her artwork and through this ‘Green’s Plants and Prints’ was born. After downloading Candide to use it’s Plant ID function, Meg has really delved in and regularly interacts with the community and sells on the Marketplace.

Growing appeal

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It’s safe to say that houseplants are undergoing a period of renaissance, not just in the UK but around the world. One of the great side effects of this indoor gardening boom is the rise of small, independant, plant businesses. Meg is one of those to have jumped on the opportunity to become a houseplant seller, and believes there is a lot more to be gained from owning plants than just their aesthetic qualities.
‘There’s a serenity I find when it comes to keeping houseplants, I genuinely believe it helps to improve general well being,’ says Meg. ‘For me personally, it’s like having a small piece of the outside in the home,’ she adds, ‘I swear when you bring a new plant in there’s definitely an endorphin rush there too!’


A vase of flowers sitting on top of a green plant
The inspiration for every element of Green’s Plants and Prints is houseplants. Meg has over 50 houseplants in her personal collection, including a lot of rare aroids for which she has a particular soft spot. If she gets the space, she would like to propagate and share from these plants, so keep an eye out! One of her favourites which she sells regularly on the Marketplace is Philodendron scadens ‘Brazil’, as it ‘adds a great splash of colour to homes.’ Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ is another of Meg’s top plants; being slightly less common she only sells rooted cuttings of this one occasionally.

Running a small business in a pandemic

In ‘normal times’ Meg often sells at local markets and has been looking for a permanent hub or somewhere to do regular pop-ups. With Covid-19 turning in-person selling upside down, many businesses have had to rethink some of their sales strategies, including Green’s Plants and Prints. ‘Online sales have really helped small businesses during the pandemic’ says Meg. Although she sold online pre-Covid, the pandemic has accelerated her use of online sales, and she’s even found herself running a delivery service in her local area.
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The great thing about Candide Marketplace for Meg is that the platform is already built and easy to use. ‘You don’t really have to do too much,’ she says with a laugh, ‘it’s helped grow my customer base for sure and it’s a nice community where everyone is already interested in plants!’ Having a friendly plant-loving audience to sell to and a platform to sell from already sorted, Meg says her main problem now is making sure she always has enough boxes in for packing up the plants! ‘My Sunday and Monday evening are now taken up with endless packing! I always make sure to pack things extremely carefully though and with little to no plastic.’
Meg currently has a range of houseplants in her store, including Christmas Cactus in several colours! Head over to check out these festive flowering houseplants.

What does the future hold?

‘I think Bristol has a really positive love for plants’ Meg told us, and if she can find the right space she would love to open her own shop. Although actively searching for a hub and pop-up opportunities, Green’s Plants and Prints will continue to sell online and Meg is excited for what the future might hold for her business. Keep an eye on the Marketplace for the chance to snap up one of her rare Philodendrons, classic houseplants or original illustrations!
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