The thing about houseplants

Published on September 17th 2018
Have you noticed that houseplants are everywhere lately? Well, it turns out that there’s a good reason. When a couple of scrappy succulents stole my heart, I wasn’t expecting them to transform my home too.
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Until recently I was immune to the huge revival of houseplant hype. They weren’t for me. Too much or too little watering. The unexplained death and disappointment. But then someone gave us a couple of echeveria and aloe.
Tiny plump leaves wobbled on thick stems as I moved the plants from table to shelf and back again. I was sceptical. Would they thrive on my notorious neglect? Would they have any impact at all or gather dust? I watched them with a suspicious eye for the first sign of trouble, but it never came.
Instead, our rooms felt lighter, brighter and more comfortable. The white walls in our kitchen suddenly felt soft and inviting. Those cheerful, glossy little leaves started to work their magic on me. Ok, I might have even named them. As our succulents sprouted, my confidence and our collection of houseplants grew.
Bringing plants indoors means a different way of seeing them. They share our rooms and our lives. You come to know their colour, shape and texture. During the dark winter months, they are a welcome reminder of the outside world.
It makes sense really when you think about it. We are part of nature and we are nature. That’s not the kind of relationship that ends at the front door. Down below the floorboards and foundations, our roots are still earthy green.
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