Make a Flower Crown From Your Garden

Published on April 25th 2020
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Garden Day is all about just taking a moment to appreciate your garden or green space. A day to grab a glass of your favourite beverage and soak it all in. Before you do, make yourself garden royalty with this simple flower crown.
You don't need fancy plants or materials, whatever you have in your green space will work. A good base can be made with things like willow, cornus or even raffia, string or a headband if you have it.
Carefully placing flowers and foliage together can be an incredibly mindful activity, done quietly by yourself, or while having a chat with family or housemates.
If the weather is nice, making a flower crown is a perfect activity for outside, but if the weather's poor, it's a great way to bring nature indoors!
To help you get started, this article goes through eight common plants that you could use to create your crown this Garden Day. They're common plants you might find on your daily exercise.
Once you've collected your materials, make sure you check out this quick video guide on how to arrange your garden foliage.


A drawing of rosemary
Commonly grown in gardens across the country, this aromatic herb adds attractive foliage to any crown, and can also be a great addition to a Garden Day drink!


A drawing of roses
It may be slightly early, but if you're lucky enough to have roses in the garden, they look gorgeous on a crown, and anywhere else for that matter!
Smaller flowers with tightly clustered petals will survive well out of water for a while. You can also use rosehips for a variety of garden day treats - from herbal tea to marmalade.


A close up of Euonymus
A common garden shrub, specific varieties of spindle tree have gorgeous variegated edges with bright colours, and the foliage will help fill out your crown.

Spindle Tree

Euonymus spp.


A close up of lilac plants
Lilac trees should be coming into flower at the moment, filling the air with their gorgeous scent and providing abundant blooms to harvest for your flower crown!


A close up of a drawing eucalyptus
Eucalyptus branches are perfect for creating the base of your crown. Relatively common, their stunning silvery foliage also smells great, and smaller leaved varieties will create a lovely effect as foliage amongst the flowers.


A drawing of different grasses
Grass can be fiddly but seeding grass heads can add a whimsical look to your crown and makes it easy to remember that summer is just around the corner!
There are loads of different grasses you can try, but the greater quaking grass, pictured above, is one of the most decorative - if you can find some!


A close up of conifer drawings
If you're lucky enough to have access to any of the three native conifer species in the UK, Scot's pine, yew and juniper, try using them as a base on which to add the rest of your foliage.
Other conifers, like fir, spruce and pine trees, are also perfect additions to the crown atop your head come Garden Day!


A close up of daisies
A common visitor to lawns throughout the country, daisies of any size are perfect as a quick way to add a splash of joy!
Some other common plants you might find on your daily walk:
Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect, have fun with it! Nature is always beautiful, no matter how you combine plants.
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