Perennial Supports Gardeners in "Back To School" Season

Published on August 5th 2019
Perennial, the charity supporting people working in horticulture, has launched a 'back to school' campaign.
The charity wants to help families and parents meet the rising cost of sending children back to school.
Households, where one or both parents are employed in the horticultural industry (or have been until recently) can apply for funding through Perennial. The charity can fund uniforms, sports equipment, school trips, term-time food, transport and other essential education equipment.
A calculation by Primary Times recently attributed the following costs to starting school in an average household:
  • Childcare: £220
  • Uniform: £70
  • Tech: £85
  • After school clubs: £106
  • Packed lunch: £585
  • Commuting: £60
  • School social events: £55
Julia Hayne, Director of Services at Perennial said: “The cost of raising a family is rising but we’re not seeing wages increase at the same rate as essential outgoings. We know many families are frustrated that, despite being in work and budgeting carefully, they are still struggling to meet the growing demands on their finances."
"We’re here to alleviate some of the pressure, taking the stress out of going back to school and helping families find financial solutions that will help them in the longer term.”
Perennial is the UK's only charity dedicated to helping people working in horticulture. They have been offering free, confidential advice since 1839. If you would like to find out more visit their website:
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