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Houseplant decorations for Halloween

Published on October 19th 2018
Candide user Jfallsebrook shared this great idea for Halloween decorations...
Battery powered LEDs are great to use indoors, after dark, with your houseplants. You can create spectacular effects with little cost and effort using single coloured or white battery powered lights. They are not very powerful but are perfect with plants.
Some have a flickering effect which imitates a candle flame. Best of all they are without heat and will not damage the plant.
It’s easy to add some exciting drama to your plant area. Using the lights, positioned behind your plants, you can create silhouettes of their wonderful leaf shapes and stems. Not only do you get a dark leaf highlighted with coloured light, you create magical shadows on your walls and ceiling.
The position of the light controls the length of the shadow and its density. You can experiment with where to put the light for best effect. White walls are the best for clear shadow shapes, but any pale coloured background will work.
Some plants make better shadows than others. Interesting leaf shapes like fern and ivy make the best shadows. Thin leaves will let some light through and glow, showing off their patterns or veins.
Upright grassy leaved plants create a sort of firework display if you light them from below, shooting sunrays of light towards the ceiling.
So, switch off all your other lights and give the plants the star treatment!