Candide Cuttings: Lake District Views and Waitrose

Published on June 6th 2019
A field with a mountain in the background
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Lake District Views

The National Trust has purchased Brackenthwaite Hows in the Lake District.
It is the first property that the charity has purchased specifically for its panorama.
The 682 feet tall hill looks over the Mellbreak and Rannerdale Knotts mountains. In 1798, J. M. W. Turner, the English Romantic painter came across the hill on his first visit to the Lake District. A year later he represented the stormy colours of the region through his painting 'Buttermere Lake, with Part of Cromackwater, Cumberland, a Shower'.
A waterfall with a mountain in the background
The three different landowners of the 77-acre site sold the property to the National Trust for £202,000.
The Hill family, who used to live in the area, said: 'We have owned and cared for a share of Brackenthwaite Hows since 1990. During that time, we were privileged to maintain the property and walk this magical summit in all seasons.
'We always wanted the National Trust to look after the property as we felt they would be the best possible custodian of its heritage. We are pleased we have been able to play our part to bring that about.
'We would encourage others to consider the wider benefits of giving such properties to be cared for on behalf of the nation so that natural beauty can be preserved.'

Packaging Free Waitrose

Waitrose has joined the long line of supermarkets pledging to go packaging free in one way or another.
A person preparing food in a kitchen
They announced they would be trialling a range of 'refillable zones' in their Botley Road shop in Oxford. Customers will be able to bring their personal containers and refill them at the various stations.
The supermarket will stock a range of products unpackaged:
  • Produce: over 160 loose fruit and vegetable varieties, the most offered by any national supermarket
  • Frozen pick and mix: Such as frozen mango, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pineapple and raspberries
  • Flowers and plants without plastic
  • Detergent and washing up liquid: Waitrose has partnered with Ecover to provide an automatic detergent and washing up liquid dispenser
  • Wine and beer: Four different wines and four different beers available on tap
  • Coffee
  • Essentials: Such as rice, pasta and other cupboard ingredients
The supermarket is also launching a 'Borrow a Box' scheme, through which shoppers can borrow a box from the store to shop with and then take home before returning with it on their next visit.
The trial will run for 11 weeks until the 18th of April and the supermarket is seeking customer feedback through the social media hashtag #WaitroseUnpacked.
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Lots to see

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