What to Do in the Garden This Week - September 4th

Published on September 4th 2020
A pink autumn crocus flower
This week, I've some tips on plant propagation, early bulb planting, what to grow in the veg patch and some tips on giving wildlife a helping hand. The seasons are changing, and there are lots of exciting things to do in and around the garden!

Hardy plants and bulbs

  • Check roses regularly for fungal diseases, i.e. black spot, mildew and rust. Remove and burn infected leaves and continue regular sprays of Roseclear Ultra or Multirose. Choose disease-resistant varieties to plant in future.
  • Make sure that any lavender plants- those not pruned earlier - are pruned now. Cut off faded flowers with about 2-3 cm of leaf shoot but don’t cut back into old woody growth.
A lavender plant growing in a watering can
Lavender Hidcote in a watering can
Anemone blanda White Splendour flowers
Anemone blanda - White Splendour
  • Top priority bulbs to plant now are snowdrops, fritillary, ‘Paperwhite’ daffodils, autumn-flowering crocus and anemone. These will start rooting as soon as you plant them!
Fritillaria meleagris Snakes head fritillary
Snakes Head Fritillaries


A vase filled with plant cuttings showing roots
Solenostemon \[Coleus\] cuttings rooting in a glass of water
  • Check cuttings of Fuchsia, Pelargonium and other tender perennials for roots. If well-rooted, pot them on into 9 cm (3.5”) pots filled with good potting compost. If not, leave potting until spring. There is still time to root more.
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For wildlife

  • Install a frog and toad shelter. These amphibious creatures are fantastic predators of common pests and real gardener's friends!
A frog in front of a frog or toad home
A frog in front of a frog home.
  • Cut a hedgehog door in your fence to let them in and out - they travel surprisingly long distances at night. Why not build or buy a hedgehog shelter for them to hibernate in?
A wooden hedgehog house in a garden
A wooden hibernation home for hedgehogs.
  • Leave some seed heads and fruits on plants for winter feed.
  • House plants that have been outside for the summer should be moved back indoors.

Winter vegetables

  • Sow ‘Winter Density’ lettuce (outside) and the winter mix of Speedy Veg leaf salad leaves. You can grow the salad leaves in containers.
Winter lettuce in a garden
Winter lettuce
  • Plant spring cabbages in well-prepared soil. Space them 30 cm (1ft) apart. Apply a fertiliser that has low nitrogen content as the nitrogen should not be added until the New Year.
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