Wild Bees Return to The Newt

Published on July 10th 2019
A close up of a bee in a flower
This week is all about lime and bramble blooms, warm weather and the expansion of colonies. Inspections on some of the managed colonies revealed that they are producing enough honey to get themselves through winter. Over the next few weeks, they will be producing excess honey that we will be able to take without affecting their chances of survival.

Bait Hives. (6 in use)

Badgers Run, Gore orchard, ‘Sarah’, Cuppa & Bakery - All still empty.
Druid Tree - Flying well and enjoying the abundance of bramble blossom surrounding the hive.


Sylvia - Bringing in plenty of pollen but have not yet moved into the empty super.
Grace - Extraordinarily busy. This colony has already filled their first super for their winter supplies and are now starting on the upper super, creating comb at an incredible rate.
Bees in a bee hive
Grace: A healthy brood
A close up of bees in a bee hive
Larvae and sealed brood.
Alison- Really pleased that these bees are catching up and expanding again.
Winifred - A slightly feistier colony than Alison. They seem to be working at full speed filling up their supers with nectar.
Joy - A small swarm that suffered with the wet weather, but now eggs have been spotted in the comb, so we know that the Queen is well.
A close up of bees in a comb
Joy: freshly laid eggs (like a grain of rice) seen in the comb alongside pollen.
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Freda - This colony love the attention they’re getting from the visitors on the Bee Safaris at The Newt.
Druid - Another active colony flying in the direction of the gardens where there is an absolute feast of forage.
Freedom Hive ‘Deana’ - Gradually getting busier with more bees seen going in and out.
Caterpillar walk; ‘Amber’ - Looking forward to having a look inside this colony to see how they are doing. We suspect that they may soon have filled the bait hive.
Marl Pit Skep hive, Holly - Looking a lot busier in the sunnier weather.

Gore Orchard

Emily - Still busy and gradually filling up their supers with nectar. The lime trees are now in full bloom, as is the clover and bramble.
Flowhive swarm: Petra - Doing well. Busy flying and drawing down new comb.


Cuppa - Wide variety of pollen going into the hive and looking much busier than last week.
Compass - Also extremely busy
Warre hive - This was the most exciting find of the week, as the colony cluster has expanded to expose all the comb they have built. Really exciting to see that they’ve settled into their new home!
A close up of bees in a comb
Warre: Busy producing comb

Wild Bees

Oak - Still very quiet and tricky to spot any bees flying in and out due to the leaves.
Lime - Bees are back! Seen flying in and around the tree hollow entrance.
Ash - Bees are back and have been seen in the top hollow of the tree.
Zeidler hive - No bees yet.
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