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Published on March 14th 2019
A pink flower on a plant

Magnolias at Caerhays

Caerhays Castle Gardens, 15th March, 10am-1pm
Charles Williams (owner) will give a lecture and conduct a garden tour. The lecture will focus on his passion: ‘Magnolia Mania’ and will also discuss the historical origins of magnolias and the National Collection of magnolias at Caerhays.
In particular, the talk will concentrate on the best new magnolia hybrids bred over the last 40 years in America, the Netherlands and New Zealand as well as at Caerhays itself.

Science Week: Behind the Scenes Laboratory Tours

RHS Garden Wisley, 16th,17th March 10:30 am and 1:30 pm
Get an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Wisley’s iconic Laboratory with RHS Director of Science, Alistair Griffiths as part of RHS Garden Wisley's Science Week.
Visitors will be guided by Alistair for an hour-long tour of the RHS Herbarium and Library, as well as the intriguing Entomology, Pathology and Advisory departments.
Wisley Gardens
Photo from the RHS Wisley

Sweet Pea Workshop

RHS Garden Harlow Carr, 16th,17th March, 11am-4pm
Sweet pea advice – if sweet peas are your thing, pop to the RHS Shop and Plant Centre at RHS Garden Harlow Carr for expert advice on these beautifully fragranced flowers. For a small donation of £1, you can sow some seeds to take home with you or simply drop in and have a chat to the sweet pea experts and get advice on how to grow these blooms at home.
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So You Want To Be A Garden Designer

RHS Garden Wisley, 16th March, 10:30am-4pm
If you are contemplating changing career to become a garden designer, but don’t really know where to begin, this day has been devised especially for you.
Join experts from the London College of Garden Design to find out more about planting design, construction design and how designers communicate visually, including with Computer Aided Design.
A close up of a piece of paper
Photo from the RHS Wisley

Rosemoor Spring Flower Festival

RHS Garden Rosemoor, 16th,17th March
Come and view the exquisite displays of top quality blooms from competitors all over the South West and beyond. With a focus on camellias, early magnolias and rhododendrons, in addition to the RHS Early Camellia competition, the show will also include classes on ornamental shrubs and a Rosemoor Daffodil and RHS Hyacinth competition too.
A close up of a flower
Photo from the RHS

What’s that Plant? Using a computer to identify plants

Hill View Hardy Plants, 16th March, 10am-3:30pm
Sarah and Ingrid Millington will take the fear out of using a computer and show you just how useful and easy it is to use the computer as a tool to help you in your gardening.
Photo from the RHS

Plant Hunters Fair

Carsington Water 16th March, 10am-4pm
Alderford Lake 17th March, 10am-4pm
Come rain or shine these fairs are the place to find great value, top quality, traditionally grown plants for every type of garden.
Plants on a stall at a fair
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Rare Plant Fair

The Bishop’s Palace 17th March, 10am-4pm
These fairs are held in beautiful and prestigious gardens, making a day out at one of them a really enjoyable experience for everyone, whether a novice or experienced gardener. There is the opportunity to buy interesting and unusual plants from genuine growers dedicated to offering well-grown plants and advice on the plants they sell.
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Grafting For Beginners

RHS Garden Rosemoor, 19th March, 2-4pm
Learn the art of grafting from RHS Wisley’s Fruit Garden expert. Jim will explain the theory behind the skill and demonstrate each stage before you try the technique yourself. Each attendee will be able to graft two apple varieties onto dwarfing rootstocks and take them away to grow at home. This method can be used to produce fruit trees and many ornamentals. The after-care needed to grow the tree on will also be explained
A close up of a hand holding a knife and a stick
Photo from the RHS

Plant Pests and Diseases

RHS Garden Hyde Hall, 19th March 10am-3:30pm
Learn about the pests and diseases most likely to attack your plants, how to spot them and what to do about them. This session will cover the identification and control of a variety of common garden enemies. There will also be a hands-on session to show pests and diseases in context.
A small snail on a branch

Spring Community Free Days

Visitors have the chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of several RHS Gardens in spring - for free.
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Lots to see

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