Top Gardening Trends of 2020

Published on January 7th 2020
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The Royal Horticultural Society has released the plants, events and trends they are expecting to be popular in the coming year.
Their predictions range from the comeback of old favourites to some hot new varieties, and the Society is certain the next year will be full of excitement.

Supersize Me

The RHS expects houseplants to get even bigger. While growing mid-size houseplants will remain a popular hobby, they expect more people to seek out larger specimens to decorate their homes with.

The Year of the Soil

Gardeners are becoming more conscious about what goes on below the surface. The state of soil in the UK will become a focal point in fighting the climate crisis.
If you would like to learn more about soil, have a look at some content we published for #WorldSoilDay:

Old Favourites

Old 80s favourites such as nemesia and diascias will regain their popularity "owing to their flexibility as a bedding, basket or container plant, compact size, long summer flowering period and sweet scent that attracts bees and butterflies."

Welcoming Wildlife

According to the RHS, more people will create wildlife-friendly gardens by making bug hotels, wildlife ponds or sacrificing the 'tidiness' of their garden in favour of leaving seedheads as shelter or food for visitors.
Composting could also gain popularity. Let us help you start your sustainable gardening journey with these articles:

Grow Your Own

Finally, the RHS is expecting the popularity of homegrown chillies and other vegetables. The hot spices require to be sown indoors. as the UK growing season is not enough for them to ripen. Once the plant has grown, however, they are easy to look after and provide the whole family with delicious spice.
To learn more about growing chillies, read Jo's advice:

What are you looking forward to the most in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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