An Eco-Friendly Christmas - Christmas Cards

Published on December 3rd 2018
Christmas is one of the most difficult times of year to be environmentally-friendly – and cutting your carbon footprint during the festive season can sometimes seem like an impossible task.
But it is possible to celebrate – and have fun – without putting extra pressure on our planet. Here are some tips for a more eco-friendly Christmas.


Millions of Christmas cards are bought in the UK each year – and many of these will end up in the bin.

An electronic alternative

While it’s lovely to send and receive Christmas greetings, there are more sustainable options than traditional cards. Charity e-cards are available from many organisations, including WWF and Macmillan. E-cards can be sent right up to Christmas Eve, and can be sent all around the world – so they’re great if you’ve missed the last Christmas posting date.

A tasty alternative

If you have kids at school, they could be exchanging 30 or more cards with their classmates.
Taking in a bag of sweets, chocolates or homemade cookies to share is one (often popular) alternative. And at work you could have a similar arrangement with colleagues – or suggest that everyone makes a donation to charity instead of buying cards (planting trees via conservation charity Trees for Life might be a particularly apt suggestion!)

New life for old cards

Once the festive season is over, cards that don’t contain glitter or other embellishments can be recycled – or you can transform them into gift tags for next year.
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