What Is Green Friday?

Published on November 29th 2019
In the last few years, Black Friday deals have slowly crept into shops in the UK. Since the mid-2010s more retailers have started to advertise major reductions on the price of products on the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States.
Some companies across the world, however, are speaking out against the consumeristic values the "holiday" is spreading.
The Green Friday campaign has been started to remind people to think about their intentions before participating in any of the deals this year.
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They invite people to, instead of rushing to the shops:

  • Get outside, anywhere – but especially in nature
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Do something nice for someone
  • Do something to support a charity, your local community or any good cause
  • Take time to create something
  • Get active
  • Meditate, take up yoga or otherwise invest your health
  • Raise awareness for Green Friday and its values
A boy sitting at a table with a cup of coffee
Jane Lindsey runs a creative business in Scotland. She sells craft kits, floristry supplies and other gardening related products.
She has stopped offering Black Friday deals four years ago and has been open about the reasons she did so.
"When you see a small business offering a 20% discount on Friday, that's probably 60 to70%of their profit." She explains her past experiences when Black Friday deals would create three sleepless days for her, with no profit.
"Lots of really big businesses can build in that discount into their prices, small businesses don't."
Jane has been moving away from selling physical products in her store and instead enabling people to create their own presents from scratch. She provides instructions on how to create an indoor bulb display and can teach you how to embroider delicate flowers into fabric.
A hand holding a knife
"People buy less and less from me, but they engage much more with my blog posts and things that they can make themselves. It is a growing movement where people put more and more effort into the gifts they give at Christmas."
So if you are heading out to the shops today, think about what you are buying, who you are buying it from. And if you have decided not to purchase something, consider donating to charities who allow us to enjoy Earth as it is as long as possible.
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