Winter house plant care

Published on October 6th 2018
Most houseplants have tropical origins so we need to make sure they get the best care over our chilly winters. Here are a few things you can check...


  • Reposition houseplants to the sunnier spots
  • Dust leaves so they can get the most light
  • Clean windows to let in the most light


  • Adjust your watering schedule so as not to over water.
  • If plants need humidity, mist them in the morning so they're not wet and cold overnight.


  • Houseplants don't want to be below 12 degrees Celcius.
  • If your plants are up against a single glazed window, consider moving them at night.


  • As we go into the cooler season it's a good idea to clear away any dead leaves which may harbour pests.
  • Stop feeding with fertiliser as they won't have a lot of new growth until spring.

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