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The Garden at Night

Published on October 12th 2018
Now the days are shortening we have the opportunity to see the garden, regularly in pitch black. It provides another insight into the natural world around us. Here are some nocturnal animals to look out for…


We’re coming close to bat hibernation season, but you may still see a few dashing around trying to put on some more grams of fat for winter. Watch around street lamps at dusk.


Foxes don’t hibernate, but as it’s getting darker earlier you have the opportunity to see them more often.


Hedgehogs will be settling down to hibernate, you might want to put out some food to help them fatten up before the long cold. You can also give them a helping hand by leaving piles of garden debris in discreet corners around the garden.
There are a few things you can do to help wildlife at this time of year, here are a few quick ideas...

Caring for Autumn Wildlife in the Garden


Is there anything you do to care for wildlife at this time of year?

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