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How to Make Sweet Chilli Jam

Published on December 20th 2019

Chilli Peppers

Old Hogden
Hot Chilli Pepper seed. 'Apache F1'
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Old Hogden
Hot Chilli Pepper Seed. Habanero
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Old Hogden
Hot Chilli Pepper seed. 'Basket of Fire' F1
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Old Hogden
Hot Chilli Pepper Seed. 'Volante Hot Red'
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Old Hogden
Hot Chilli Pepper Seed 'Scotch Bonnet Yellow'
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Old Hogden
Hot Chilli Pepper Seed. 'Scotch Bonnet Red'
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Home-grown chillies should have all now turned red, and with Christmas around the corner what better way to use them than in this sweet and spicy preserve.
It’s the perfect accompaniment to your festive cheeseboard, working equally well with non-dairy and dairy cheese.
This Chilli Jam is very easy to make and is, in my opinion, one of the best things in the world.


  • 175 grams of red chillies (you can see in the image that I used one green chilli as they hadn’t all quite ripened)
  • 1 red pepper of equal weight to the chillies
  • 1 kg of jam sugar
  • 550 ml cider vinegar (white wine vinegar works too)
  • Juice of 1 lemon



1) Roughly chop your chillies and then whiz them in a food processor until finely chopped.
2) Chop the peppers into chunks and then add them to the food processor, pulse until the mixture looks like this, and set to one side.
3) Combine the sugar, lemon juice and vinegar in a heavy-bottomed pan and heat until sugar is dissolved.
4) Now add the chilli and pepper mixture and cook at a rolling boil until the jam has thickened and reached 104°C (if you have a sugar thermometer), it should take 10-15 minutes. Tip: Scoop out any foam as it forms on the top of the mixture.
5) Remove from heat and allow to cool for 20 minutes, this allows the flakes of chilli to become suspended in the jelly rather than sinking to the bottom or floating to the top.
Pour Jam into sterilised jars, wait to set, and enjoy!

What are you growing in your garden?

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