Meet the Grower: Garden Beauty UK

Published on April 5th 2021
A close up of a purple hebes flower
The UK is home to thousands of independent growers, and at Candide, we’re passionate about singing their praises! Whether you’re looking for tried and tested garden favourites, new varieties or unusual exotics, there will be a nursery committed to providing you with the top quality plants you’re looking for. To kick off our Meet the Grower series, we chatted to Scott from Garden Beauty, an award-winning nursery and specialist grower of Hebes!
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A close up of a purple flower on a plant
Pictured: Hebe Blue Elegance, grown at the Garden Beauty UK Nursery

The History of Garden Beauty

Peter Lowater established the first iteration of his nursery in 1963 as a strawberry grower. Since then, the business has tried its hand successfully at growing tomatoes, rhubarb and a range of ornamental plants, and in 2013 they were awarded the ‘Nursery Stock Grower of the Year’ award! The nursery’s main focus today is on the production of ornamentals, including varieties that are known to perform well in gardens, many of which have an RHS Award of Garden Merit, as well as new and unusual varieties. The nursery grows an extensive range of Hebes and is particularly proud of their Garden Beauty Range bred by the team on site!
A house with trees in the background

Meet the Garden Beauty team

Twenty staff members make up the Garden Beauty team - with a dedicated group of horticulturists looking after the plants on a day-to-day basis. There is also a specialist propagation team, who use years of experience to carefully produce young plants by cuttings, plugs or seeds ready for the potting team! Scott told us that at Garden Beauty, they were ‘a close-knit team focused on producing good quality plants.’ It’s this commitment to producing top-notch plants that make plant nurseries so special - when you buy from Garden Beauty, you’re buying from a team of experts with years of experience in the industry.
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Garden Beauty’s Ethos

‘Garden Beauty is very much environmentally focused’, said Scott. They believe that plants hold the key to solving many environmental issues and want to ensure that their commercial production techniques do not negate this. They started by growing all of their plants in peat-free compost, a practice which many nurseries have adopted in recent years. But they always knew they wanted to go one step further, and since then, they have also installed a rainwater collection system with a 7 million litre reservoir which is used to water all their plants! To top it off, they also use solar panels and energy-saving initiatives to generate 30% of their annual usage; all of their pots are recyclable in a household bin. They don’t use any tape on their delivery boxes either!
A pink flower with green leaves
Speciality, one of a kind plants are grown at the Garden Beauty Plant Nursery

The nursery recommendations!

Now we get to the gold dust - a recommended planting combo from Scott at Garden Beauty, as well as a few of his personal favourites! ‘I have a thing for purple!’ Scott told us, and to create a beautiful purple planting scheme, he recommended planting Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’, for its clusters of white flowers on purple foliage; Hebe ‘Garden Beauty Purple’ or ‘Blue’ for their compact growth; Knautia ‘Melton Pastels’ for their pastel-coloured flower heads and Vinca minor alba, perfect for ground cover with lovely white flowers! For his personal faves, Scott was partial to plants that give year-round interest, such as Cornus, the Hebe Garden Beauty range and Hellebores, to name just a few! All of Scott’s recommendations are available in their shop.
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