Moving Plants for your Home

Published on October 2nd 2018
Most famous of the moving plants are the hunters, and out of these, the Venus Flytrap reigns supreme. Many an inquisitive child’s first houseplant; the vibrant red, toothed leaves look vicious and to anything small enough to fit in them, they are.
The aquatic Waterwheel Plant, Aldrovanda vesiculosa specialises in snapping up water-fleas with as much vigour as its terrestrial cousin and both plants require soft water and full fun for successful cultivation. Unique and rewarding if you like the macabre.
When it comes to fight-or-flight responses, if poison is 'fight', movement is 'flight'. Most famous is the Sensitive Plant Mimosa pudica, which folds and drops its leaves at the slightest disturbance. Very easy-to-grow from seed, it has attractive leaves and cute little powder-puff flowers.
Another little mover is the little Tree Plant Biophytum sensitivum, which moves a little slower, however, looks like a miniature palm and is a great addition to a terrarium or as a curiosity on the windowsill.
The Telegraph Plant Codariocalyx motorius is a real oddity. It moves to try and catch the light and, even stranger, responds to music, giving it its other name of dancing grass. It can be grown as a novelty houseplant.
And what about flowers? Well, African hemp Sparrmannia africana has that one covered. The white flowers have contrasting red-tipped yellow stamens which spread out when you touch them. This is believed to be to help pollination and is a fascinating watch. Can be grown as a large conservatory shrub or just see if you can find one at a botanical garden to tickle.

Do you have any moving plants or tips on how to care for them?

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