The Humble Daisy

Published on October 9th 2018
At the first hint of summer or even on a hot spring day relaxing on the lawn or at a public park is on everyone’s mind. And very few of us can resist revisiting childhood & making a daisy chain. But there’s more to Bellis perennis than you might know.
Once carried by Roman soldiers for its astringent properties, they soaked bandages in the extracted juice ready to bind wounds and spear cuts. In more recent times it’s been used as a pot herb. Young leaves and flowers can be eaten raw in salads, provided you pick them from a safe (dog/pesticide free) space and give them a quick wash.
Daisy tea (made from infused flowers) has a diuretic effect and can stimulate your metabolism. It is used to help inflammation of the small intestine or as an expectorant for coughs and cold.
So it’s definitely worth setting the mower’s cutting height a little higher & giving the humble daisy some space in our lives and lawns.
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