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Your Tuesday Gardening News

Published on January 29th 2019
Good morning,
South Africa is suffering from wild fires, more than £1 million spent on cleaning up forests, and garden centres are doing better than last year. Here is the latest:

Burning Cape Town

A fire broke out over the weekend on the famous Lion’s Head mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.
The fire moved towards the residential areas of Cape Town, forcing people to leave their houses. Although the cause of it is currently unknown, adverse wind conditions made it difficult to gain control over the fire.
Earlier this year, South Africa went through a drought that almost led to the turning off of water taps and the use of communal water collection points.
This was avoided by the vigorous limiting of personal water use and an aggressive awareness campaign, informing everyone about the challenges the country was facing.
By Monday afternoon the fire seemed to be under control, according to the fire services. There was no damage to property or personal injuries reported.
Firefighters remain on high alert.

Charity spends £1 million in the woods

The Woodland Trust has revealed that it has spent over £1 million in the last five years on cleaning up fly-tipping and littering sites in forests.
In 2018, the number of littering incidents rose to 1280. The worst woodland to clean, costing the charity £16,000, was Livingston forest in Scotland.
‘This money could have helped us plant many trees or protect woods that are in desperate need of help’ said Darren Moorcroft, director of Estate and Woodland outreach.
Fly-tipping is an illegal activity, and the Trust has the right to prosecute offenders and use fines to offset the cost of cleaning up.

Garden centre sales up

Garden centre sales have reached an all-time high according to the latest figures.
Garden Trade News, an organisation measuring UK garden centre sales, has reported that its ‘Bestsellers All Sales Index’ for last week was up 15.2%, compared to the same week in 2018.
Although some of the sales might be attributed to gardeners stockpiling in case of a no-deal Brexit, an increase in furniture and plant sales suggests more people are getting involved in gardening this year.

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