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Botanical Ink - The Story of Natural Dyeing

Published on February 12th 2020
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Babs Behan creates natural dyes for fabric out of wildflowers, herbs and other naturally incurring materials.
She set up Botanical Inks and Bristol Cloth in order to showcase British heritage and make commercially viable fabric which is sustainable. Her other company, Botanical Inks, plays an essential part in producing ecologically friendly cloth.
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She dyes the locally manufactured wool only using natural ingredients, which she then sends to a weaving factory a few doors from her workshop.
You can buy Babs' book "Botanical Ink" on the Candide Marketplace.

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You can learn more about the plants Bebs mentions on the knowledgebase:

Some Reseda luteola in flower in the wild

Dyer's Rocket

Reseda luteola

A close up of some Rubia tinctorum with green leaves and small flowers

Dyer's Madder

Rubia tinctorum

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