Buzzing Bus Stops and Irish Woods

Published on July 12th 2019

Bus Stops

The roofs of hundreds of bus stops in Ultrech, Netherlands, have been transformed into tiny meadows for bees.
Ultrech City Council saw an opportunity in transforming unused surfaces on top of bus stops across the city. The effort comes as part of efforts to create a more sustainable environment.
A total of 316 rooftops have been covered with wildflowers to support biodiversity in the city, such as honey bees and bumble bees. The rooftops also help capture fine dust and store rainwater.
A close up of a street in front of a store
The roofs are looked after by workers who drive around in electric vehicles, and the bus stops have all been fitted with energy-efficient LED lights and bamboo benches.
As well as making transforming their bus stops into ‘bee stops’, Utrecht council are encouraging locals to take similar steps with their own roofs. They are offering a subsidy for residents who have roofs over 20 square metres, in order to encourage them create their own green meadows.

Irish Woods

Campaigners and local residents are petitioning against the fast-growing Sitka spruces the Irish Government are planting.
A stop sign
Planting forests became one of the main methods Ireland have been using to fight the climate crisis. Since 1990, the country increased it's tree coverage from 1% to 11% by covering 770,000 hectares.
Campaigners are now saying the wrong kind of tree is being planted across the country. Sitka spruce is a fast-growing species, which create ‘dark, dank abominations that kill wildlife, block sunlight and isolate communities’.
The group 'Save Leitrim' have blocked a few of the plantations with planning objections. The organisation said in a statement on their website:
"We are most definitely not against trees! We are for the right trees, in the right places being managed in the right way so that everyone benefits! The environment, the wildlife, the communities, the farmers, the economy, the county and the future."
The organisation aims to raise awareness to the fact that rewilding is a complex issue and the Irish Government needs to reconsider its next actions.
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