What to Do in the Garden This Week - March 19th

Published on March 19th 2020
If you're looking for things to do this week, now's the time to pick up the tools and get round to those tasks you've been avoiding.
With trees and shrubs bursting into leaf everywhere, signalling that spring is here, it's time for the pace of life in the garden to quicken, so we have to keep up!
This week, there are some hints on feeding, pricking out, potting, and getting your lawn into shape for summer. Remember to wash those hands, but don't let this stop you from getting stuck in.
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Beds and borders

  • This is the best time of year to apply a general fertiliser to all beds and borders. I use Vitax Q4, but you could use blood, fish and bone meal. Many gardeners traditionally add bone meal, but it's better to add a more comprehensive feed in spring.
  • I always try to get on top of weeds now. Those already germinated are about to have a serious growth spurt! Other annual weeds will be sprouting soon to compound the problem. Remove by hand or spray the more stubborn ones with a weed killer such as Resolva.
  • If you've got overcrowded clusters of herbaceous perennials, there's still time to divide them. Just discard the central, older part and replant. Or, give away the younger, more vigorous outer sections.
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The indoor garden

  • Indoor house plants may benefit from moving into bigger pots. Check that they need it first by carefully knocking them out of their pots to see if the root ball is crowded. Move up just a couple of pot sizes.
  • If you have young seedlings on the windowsill, they will stretch and grow towards the light. To avoid weak, 'leggy' plants, turn them around every day.
  • Transplant seedlings into larger containers as soon as they are big enough to handle. Hold them by their seed leaves as they are easily bruised at this delicate stage of life. Never handle them by their stems.


  • You'd be amazed at how much sharp, neat lawn edges can transform the look of your garden! Use a half-moon lawn edging iron with a string line or board. Why not install lawn edging, to support the edges so that they always remain neat and tidy?
  • It's time to apply the first combined feed, weed and moss killer dressing to your lawn. Use Westland Aftercut Feed, Weed and Moss-killer, or Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 4 in 1. Use a wheeled spreader for large areas or a hand applicator. It's crucial to spread these products thinly and accurately.
You should be able to buy these online, but make sure you check your supplier.


  • Divide old clumps of herbs. Replant the youngest, best-looking bits but discard old parts. Don't try this on woody herbs like sage, rosemary and bay. These are best rejuvenated by rooting fresh cuttings.
  • Sow parsley in pots to plant out later. Try the chef's favourite; the flat-leaf variety.
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