7 Ways to Keep Busy During Lockdown 2.0

Published on November 20th 2020
A close up of a human hand holding tweezers making a plant terrarium
Things are feeling all too familiar as we make our way through the second lockdown. However, this time around, we're well into the midst of Autumn, with Winter quickly approaching. With the shorter days, we find ourselves even more limited with things to do.
So what happens if you've already exhausted your favourite Netflix series and baked more banana bread loaves than you can count? Don’t worry; we’ve hand-picked some of our favourite activities to help keep you busy this lockdown.

1. Get your vitamin D fix with some last-minute gardening!

There's still a bit of time to plant spring bulbs. Choose the next sunny day and get planting, quick! We suggest planting Daffodils, Tulips and Alliums to keep your garden bright and colourful throughout spring.

2. Grow your own Italian herb garden starter kit

This one is for all the foodies out there! PurpleBloomSeeds have bundled together the best herbs to complement your Italian dishes. Bundles include Basil, Rosemary and Marjoram; perfect for window sills, and make beautiful gifts, too.

3. Embrace autumn by making your very own autumnal wreath

FlorenceandFlowers provide everything you need to make your very own wreath, including dried flowers, foliage, moss, a wired ring and instructions. Why not be one step ahead and choose a kit with Christmas themed plants?

4. Expand your indoor garden with a DIY terrarium kit

Take some cuttings from your favourite plants and pair with a cute glass container to create your own miniature rainforest.
Watch our useful video on how to make a closed terrarium for more useful tips:
If you fancy making something a bit different, HouseOfMoss kits provide Air Plants and a pretty glass globe for your tiny landscape. Air Plants are perfect in bathrooms that receive a good amount of natural light.

5. Reinvent your plant arrangement with macrame plant hangers

An indoor jungle is not complete without hanging plants. Macrame is a brilliant craft for mindfulness, and they look great too! These macrame DIY kits come with instructions to help get you started; you'll be a pro in no time.

6. Squeeze in the very last bits of autumn with flower pressing

Pressed flowers are perfect for arts and crafts. Pop your creations in a glass frame to add some colour to your bedroom or use them to make greetings cards for friends and family.

7. Incorporate dried floral arrangements into your home decor with a dried flower hanging kit

Brighten up any room in the house with these beautiful floral art pieces. Kits include mini bunches of dried flowers and dainty glass bottles with rose gold wire. The flowers in the kit are picked to order, reflecting what's in bloom at the time of purchase, making them that extra bit special.
Hopefully, you've gained a few ideas to keep busy this lockdown. Why not surprise a friend or family member by sending them something, too?
Make sure to take extra care of yourself this lockdown, be kind and stay safe!
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