National Marine Week and Conifers at Risk

Published on July 18th 2019
A close up of a rockpool

National Marine Week

The UK coast
The Wildlife Trusts have announced plans for National Marine Week 2019 to showcase the wildlife of the UK's shores.
Running from 27th July to 11th August, (which is, confusingly, a fortnight) plans include whale and dolphin watching, rockpool excursions and seashore safaris.
They will also be launching Shoresearch, a 'national citizen science survey of the intertidal shore', where you have the opportunity to help scientists by helping to monitor marine life.
The data collected through Shoresearch will help experts monitor sea life and better understand the effects of pollution, climate change and invasive alien species.

Conifers Threatened by Climate Change

A norfolk island pine
The Norfolk Pine, native to Norfolk, a small island in the South Pacific was one of the species labelled at risk.
A new study has found that climate change could make many conifer species native to small islands extinct by 2070.
The study, published in Nature Climate Change, looked at 55 conifer species and found that up to a quarter at risk of extinction based on the International Panel on Climate Change's predictions for global warming.
The risk significantly increased for species that were native to small islands. The scientists also allowed for a lot of wriggle room in the niches that some plants inhabit, but found that this did not affect their chances.
'Our work shows that species native to relatively small islands are in a lot of danger from climate change, and relatively soon,' said Dov Sax, deputy director of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society and a study coauthor. 'But the work also helps us to identify which species are most at risk and which are least at risk, which helps to prioritize conservation.'
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