Autumn houseplants

Published on September 28th 2018
It’s not fair that all the excitement of autumn, the vibrant berries, falling leaves and first frosts, should all happen outdoors. Bring a bit of colour into the home to bridge the gap between summer and poinsettia season.
Cyclamen are everywhere right now. Florist cyclamen, which are the larger varieties used as houseplants, like a brightly-lit cool spot in the house.
Be cautious when watering as they’re easily overwatered and a good airflow will help stop grey mould. Some growers recommend watering from below to help with this and a well-kept cyclamen will reward you with flowers until spring.
Ornamental peppers are vibrantly-coloured varieties of our edible chilli peppers. They come in colours ranging from near-white though to near-black. Don’t expect them to last as long as a cyclamen, but for many, that isn’t a problem and they can be used in much the same way as a long-lasting bunch of flowers.
The Jerusalem cherry is a cousin to the ornamental pepper and its bright orange berries have a certain charming autumn-Christmas crossover feel. They often have starry little white flowers at the same time as their berries too and in cool, bright conditions will hold on to their ‘cherries’ for a long time. Remember to never allow them to dry out completely and watch for aphids.
'Pot mums'; Once very popular, the indoor chrysanthemum adds a bold splash of colour and, much like the ornamental pepper, is often treated like a bunch of flowers, however, they will recover over a couple of seasons if planted outside afterwards.

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And here are some more cyclamen for you to browse and consider for your home...
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