National Gardening Week 2019

Published on April 28th 2019
I was recently asked about my plans for National Gardening Week (NGW). Cheekily, I replied: "Gardening, like I do every week", but it got me thinking.
I have seen it mentioned in the press and the #NationalGardeningWeek popped up a few times on my social media feed over the last few years, but I genuinely had been too busy. Keeping up with spring and all my gardening projects didn't really allow me to pay much attention. Time to investigate.

What is NGW 2019

Started by the RHS in 2011, this annual week-long celebration of plants is aimed at inspiring gardeners, experienced to novice. They want them to share their passion and joy with people and tempt new growers. This week also highlights the rewards that gardening can bring to our welfare, community and wildlife.
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This year's focus is Edible Britain and to quote Guy Barter, RHS Chief Horticulturist: "It’s clear that people are keen to reconnect with where their food comes from. We’re supporting this burgeoning interest by encouraging people, groups, societies, garden centres, nurseries and other organisations to showcase their edible expertise, and highlight all things grow-your-own."
A group of runner bean tripod frames in an allotment

Getting involved

Public gardens, plant nurseries, allotments and community gardens are all organising events, workshops or bake sales around the country, with the delicious produce they grow in the spotlight. Check out the RHS's calendar for some of the events around you and keep an eye out for your local paper to find more.
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What I will be doing

I have my usual gardening client meetings during the week, but they already share a passion for plants. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze some time in to spend on my own allotments, planting out all the plugs which have been waiting for the frosts to depart.
I'll be going to the National Trust's Great Chalfield Manor Plant Fair on Sunday, 5th of May, in aid of Jamies Farm. If you're in the area, it's £4 to enter and you get to explore the glorious garden. You won't miss me, look for the Daisies, come and let’s chat about all things gardening!
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Lots to see

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