Candide Cuttings: Bee Corridor, Best Scented Rose and Garden Vlog Winner

Published on May 9th 2019
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Bee Corridor

Brent Council in London is creating a bee corridor to aid pollinators.
22 wildflower meadows will be planted in some of the borough's parks and open spaces to create a corridor for bees to visit.
The first wildlife meadow created by the borough will include ragged robins, cowslips and common poppies. The meadows will be found in Barham Park, Gladstone Park and Tiverton.
Cllr Krupa Sheth sowing wildflower seeds
Cllr Krupa Sheth, Lead Member for Environment, said: "Bees and other insects are so important for pollinating the crops that provide the food that we eat. We must do all we can to help them to thrive. I'm proud of Brent's commitment to boost biodiversity in the borough and look forward to seeing the meadows in full bloom in just a few months' time."
This action from the Brent Council comes after a recent study warning about a huge drop in the number of pollinating insects in the UK since the 1980s. Urban meadows have been proven to aid biodiversity, and Brent Council is determined to attract more pollinators to the borough.

Best Scented Rose

A close up of a flower
The best scented rose has been chosen at the World Federation's 18th World Rose Convention in Copenhagen.
More than 600 rosarians competed for the 'Best Perfume' winner, but Wharton's Roses came out as winners.
The winner, Rosa 'Mum in a Million', is a popular gift on Mother's Day all over the UK.
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The flower head is Tudor formed with pink flowers, dark foliage and a rich fragrance.
Wharton's Roses released this variety in the UK seven years ago and they sell more than 45,000 each year.

Garden Vlog Winner

Johnson Lawn Seed has announced the winner of the 'Grass Roots Vlogger of the Year' award.
Video blogging (vlogging) is becoming a popular way to give and receive gardening information on the internet. Johnson Lawn Seeds has decided to dedicate an award to those who have just started out with their vlogging career.
This year, professional gardener Torsi Woolbridge was awarded by the company for her videos on her YouTube channel called 'torsi Woolbridge kitchen Gardener'.
A little girl that is standing in the snow
Torsi started making videos two years ago, in which she discusses gardening on her two allotments, as well as the private family estate she gardens for.
"My greatest achievement is where I currently work. I re-designed a neglected, run-down vegetable garden on a private family estate and now it’s a thriving fruit and vegetable garden. As for disasters, growing organically creates challenges with soil-borne pests and diseases. One year I planted my summer cabbage and the next day they were all lying on the top of the soil after cutworms attacked – a massive challenge for any gardener" she said.
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