How To Create a No-Dig Garden

Published on November 29th 2019
A bird sitting on top of a grass covered field
Despite its recent popularity, the concept of no-dig gardening has been around since the 70s and is referred to as 'no-till' across the pond. By not digging up your garden or allotment, you allow the beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi to live undisturbed in the soil and create a healthy food web. This allows plants to thrive and prevents pests and diseases becoming a problem.
By adopting the no-dig principles in an organic plot, you can also prevent the spreading of perennial weed seeds. Many seeds patiently wait under the ground for years to be brought to the surface by an unsuspecting spade. Before you know it, they will germinate and provide you with a thick forest of weeds.
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The idea of a low maintenance vegetable patch is undoubtedly a very attractive one. Seemingly working in harmony with mother nature seems like a no brainer, and for this, she will undoubtedly reward you with a bountiful crop.
Charles Dowding is a champion of no-dig here in the UK, and you can check out some of his articles below!
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