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5 Ideas For a Show-stopping Tulip Display Next Spring

Published on October 15th 2021
Tulips and blue grape hyacinths by schnuddel (All rights reserved)
A close up of a flower
September to November is the time to plant your spring-flowering bulbs. As for Tulips, the ideal planting time is in late October till November.
Gardener or not, the arrival of Snowdrops and Crocus in the spring brings joy and excitement for many. Following these blooms, we welcome the likes of the Daffodils, Hyacinths and, of course, Tulips!
If you're a little bit behind on planting for the year ahead, don't worry. There is still time to decide your spring display.
Find out more about planting spring-flowering bulbs in our nifty guide:

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Spring Bulbs

How to care for Tulips

  • For a vibrant, healthy Tulip display, water bulbs following planting. If you're planting your Tulips in containers, make sure the soil doesn't dry out completely.
  • During active growth, water regularly. You can reduce the frequency of watering once the leaves die down.
  • Make sure your soil or compost mix has good drainage.
  • In the spring, feed your bulbs with plant food little and often for the best blooms.
  • Deadhead Tulips to improve the chance of flowering in the following year.

Depending on the type of Tulip, you might see some variation in flowering times. By planting a good variety of cultivars, your borders, beds, and containers will beam with colour from spring till summer.

5 planting ideas to inspire your spring display

1. Passionate purples

2. Peach melba

3. Tropical paradise

4. Romantic reds

5. Pretty pastels

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